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He missed on his first four swings before hammering a ball 427 feet. He took his first timeout with four home runs on the Luka Modric Croatia Jersey board and 2:38 on the clock. His former teammate Wilson Ramos fed him some Gatorade and wished him well. The next minute and change wasn't much better. When he called his last timeout with 1:20 remaining, he was Luka Modric Croatia Jersey nine homers shy of Schwarber. Ron's shaky pitching - "Got eight anchors in my shoulder," he said of his surgically repaired right arm - wasn't helping. When he found a groove, so did Harper. The 10th homer landed 450 feet away with 49 seconds left. Then Ivan Rakitic Croatia Jersey came a 438-footer, a 408-footer. And 429, 452, 444, 478, 412. With two seconds remaining, a 386-foot shot tied Schwarber. The final one, in extra time, gave Harper 19,058 feet worth of home runs on the night. All the panic with less than a minute left washed away. Nationals ace Max Scherzer, a bundle of twitchy and nervous energy, leapt with teammate Sean Doolittle to run the Mario Mandzukic Croatia Jersey trophy out to a celebrating Harper. Even if this wasn't a Josh Hamilton performance or even one as awe-inspiring as Aaron Judge's cornucopia of 500-foot-plus smashes from 2017, the ambiance made it feel like something more, something that could portend a change.